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Creating a happy and stable marriage and family life can, for many, prove daunting. When so many marriages end in divorce, leaving behind broken homes and divided families, one can begin to wonder if there is any way to have a lasting relationship.

The root cause of problems in any relationship, as L. Ron Hubbard discovered, is transgression against a previously agreed upon moral code. A marriage, a family, or any relationship between people is built upon a foundation of agreements, and when those agreements are broken,

communication is inhibited or even cut. Scientology can heal such a breach and bring about a resurgence of affinity often greater than before.

Scientology technology provides a way to make marriage and family life both satisfying and rewarding. Using Scientology principles, husbands, wives, sons and daughters alike have successfully salvaged failing relationships and created stronger and happier families, significantly bettering communication with those they care for.

Patty and Mark Schwartz - Consultants Jan Meekcoms & Family - Real Estate Brokers Carmen Suarez - Manager Craig, Suzanne, Justin, Shane and Ryan Houchin Sophie Dojcinovic - Translator

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