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Before I discovered the technology of L. Ron Hubbard, I had been married three times. With all my marriages ending in divorce, I was desperate to find out what it would take to make one work.

In Scientology, I learned what was behind my failures and how I had erred in choosing a mate. I learned about the basic principles of life and discovered I was able to repair the damage I had done. Soon afterwards I met and married a wonderful man. We recently celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary and together are very involved in the lives of our 10 grandchildren!

Had it not been for achieving a whole new level of spiritual awareness through Scientology, I am certain I would have either continued my hopeless pattern of marriage and divorce or chosen to live alone and be deprived of the companionship and love of a very special man. Instead, I have a very fulfilling marriage and have been able to build lasting family relationships. This is truly wonderful.

  Donna Casselman
Event Producer
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