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Patty and Mark Schwartz Our marriage started out a bit strangely. Two days after being married, my husband had to go out of town on business, and it became apparent he would be away a lot when he got another job that required him to travel four days out of each week. We were apart more than we were together and it was hard on our relationship. At one point we were apart for more than eight months. On our fifth anniversary, we joked that we had been married for five years but together only two.

Many marriages fail in the first years. Yet in the time we were apart we never had a concern about our loyalty to each other. We knew from the things we learned in Scientology that one can lead an ethical life and be loyal to their spouse. It made a very big difference in our relationship and our ability to do our work, to have the stability of knowing how much we loved each other and how to communicate regardless of distance.

The Scientology religion gave us the tools and the awareness to survive some difficult years, but we made it. We just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.

  Patty and Mark Schwartz
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