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Diane Gagon I have been involved in the Scientology religion for 25 years and it has helped me tremendously in understanding my own true nature and thereby improving my life.

What I learned in Scientology has helped me in every area of living. I have had a wonderful 22-year relationship with my husband and we work as a team. I have two great kids of whom I am very proud. They are happy, responsible and able to grow up drug-free as a result of their own moral code. They respect others and communicate well. All of these things I have in my life as a result of Scientology. It gave me the tools, and then I applied them to my life to change conditions.

Now when I meet new people each day, I see how rough life can be for them and how it so adversely effects them. I know I have a spiritual technology that can truly help them, and I do help them. Scientology has given me the viewpoint that it is my responsibility to do so.

  Diane Gagon
Church Executive
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